NSCA Appoints Dr. Christina C Alvarez as Executive Director

Norris Square Community Alliance
September 27, 2017
The Board of Directors of Norris Square Community Alliance (NSCA) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Christina C. Alvarez as Executive Director of the organization. Dr. Alvarez has long and deep connections to NSCA and the Norris Square community, learning to read at a neighborhood school and later returning to that same school as a bilingual teacher! As principal at Hunter School, Alvarez worked with NSCA’s Out-of-School-Time programs, and has served on the Board of both NSCA and Norris Square Education Corporation (NSEC). Dr. Alvarez was co-founder of the Delaware Design-Lab High School in Newark, DE, and was involved in securing $10 million in funding as an XQ Super School. Dr. Alvarez is a graduate of Tyler School of Art (AB), Temple University (MS) and the University of Pennsylvania (Ed.D.).
For over 30 years, NSCA has responded to the needs of the community by providing comprehensive solutions such as affordable housing, community organizing, employment training, early childhood education, youth after-school and summer enrichment programs, home-ownership counseling and comprehensive case management services.
Dr. Alvarez is excited to again work with NSCA and contribute to the mission – empowering residents to become self-reliant and to unite and build the community by developing and improving the physical, economic, social, cultural and educational aspects of the neighborhood. Yesenia Vicenty, Board President, has noted that the members of the Board and staff are excited to welcome Christina!
Dr. Alvarez will be making her rounds visiting our sites over the next few days and will be available to greet members of the NSCA community at our Annual Festival, October 7th, in Norris Square Park. We look forward to seeing everyone!
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