NSCA Partners with Temple University College of Education

For four Semesters, NSCA partnered with Temple University’s College of Education as a practicum field placement Early Childhood Education Site.  Our seasoned and most qualified classroom teachers are highly recommended by past Practicum Instructors to continue this unique partnership yet again.
Beginning in September 2018 , fourteen Sophomore students will be able to develop skills related to lesson planning, delivering instruction, and managing students in a PreK classroom through weekly practicum experiences alongside NSCA volunteer mentor teachers.  On a weekly basis, the Temple students will be involved in the following ways:
  • Observing classroom instruction
  • Assisting classroom teacher with instruction
  • Leading small group instruction*
  •  Supporting individual students
*Students are allowed to teach at least (2) small-group lessons that they have planned during the semester on an assigned Practicum day on which a Temple University Practicum Instructor (Coach) is able to visit and observe.
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