Real Estate

NSCA's Development efforts are aimed at improving the physical environment on the greater Norris Square community to empower and benefit the community. NSCA's Development efforts include the creation of affordable housing, through rehabilitation and new construction, the rehabilitation of abandoned commercial properties, and the acquisition of abandoned lots. 

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Below is a list of some of our past development projects.

St. Boniface Townhomes

In 2013, NSCA completed the construction of the St. Boniface Townhomes, seven units of affordable single family housing on the site of the former St. Boniface Church.

Las Terrazas Homes

In 2013, NSCA completed the construction of Las Terrazas,  10 new affordable single family homes built on vacant lots along Susquehanna Avenue. 

The Children’s Center (Rehabilitation and Expansion)

Completed in 2001, The Children's Center is an early childhood education center located on Mascher Street. Formerly a warehouse, the space now houses classrooms and offices to support NSCA's Head Start program. An expansion of the center was completed in 2012.

Hunter Homes

In 2009, NSCA developed the $12 million dollar Hunter Homes project, a 48 unit single family mixed income affordable housing development.  The homes feature 3-4 bedrooms and ADA compliant units. This project required the assembly of 212 lots containing 48 structures which were demolished and redeveloped.  The sale prices for the homes ranged from $76,000 to $125,000 with various subsidies.  

La Torre Homes

In 2003, NSCA developed abandoned and vacant lots on Howard and Norris Streets to create La Torre. The project created 10 single family homes which sold for $52,000. 

Los Balcones

Completed in 2004, Los Balcones is a rental development of 21 affordable townhomes on Norris Street.

Casa Carmen Aponte Senior Houses

In 2000, NSCA and Catholic Social Services developed the Casa Carmen Aponte Senior Homes, a 35 unit affordable senior living facility located on Howard Street.